Problems A–Z

Find relevant, reliable, and high-quality information about health problems – from A to Z.


Symptoms such as bleeding, constipation or pain can be the first sign of something serious.

Breast & Nipple

This section deals with concerns and worrying symptoms such as pain, redness and discharge.


Are you too embarrassed to see your doctor about a problem? Are you worried about your visit to the clinic?


Do you know how the bowels and anus work, how to improve constipation or when you should see a doctor?


Do you experience problems with your hair – such as hair loss, excess hair, head lice or dandruff?

Hands, Legs & Feet

How can you break the nail-biting habit? What should you never do with verrucas? What can your doctor do?

Mouth & Face

How do you know if you have bad breath? What can you do about thread veins? How do you stop hiccups?

Sex & Genitals

Do you have questions regarding contraception, genital infections or the menopause?


Skin problems can be particularly worrying because they are often visible to others.


Are you troubled by urinary problems? They are a lot more common than you might realize.

Our Philosophy

Embarrassing Problems addresses worrying health problems that are sometimes difficult to talk about. We are not implying that the topics discussed on the site should be viewed as being ‘embarrassing’ – quite the reverse, in fact. Our intention is to convince you that your problem is not so embarrassing after all. We encourage you to adopt the approach: Tackle it, move on.

This website provides information on a range of personal health matters that some people may initially find hard to discuss. Our editors and physicians are combining their expertise to deliver relevant, reliable, and high-quality reads for those concerned with health problems. Embarrassing Problems is a point of reference for an English-speaking audience, provides guidance, and helps to take the next steps towards diagnosis and treatment. It will offer advice whether a visit to the pharmacy or a doctor’s appointment is necessary.

The information presented on this website is not intended to replace the face-to-face consultation that we believe to be necessary for the accurate diagnosis of a medical condition and its subsequent management.